An Apology To Sentinel Readers

The Sentinel apologizes to its 43,683 readers and subscribers for the interruption of its journalistic coverage that came about with the current edition. Sometime in the morning of May 9, a data overload occurred as the Sentinel’s internet service provider sought to migrate the entire backlog of the Sentinel’s 5,172 articles, columns and features since late 2011 to its new platform. An unanticipated incompatibility issue resulted with the merging of the encoding programs used by the Sentinel prior to March 2016 and the two programs the Sentinel has utilized since that time. For more than 26 hours, the only articles, columns and features available were the 2,593 published through March 2016.
As inconvenient as this was for the Sentinel’s readership, please know that this episode was even more trying for the Sentinel’s publisher, who saw the last six years of his life flash by him in a less than a thirty-seventh of a second when he learned that the entire April 2016-to-May-2022 canon of the Sentinel’s coverage contained within the server’s panel had been erased.
With the application of some programming expertise and some $2,500, those files have been recovered, including the 2,277 articles and columns that have run in the Sentinel since April 1, 2016. Those articles, along with the PDFs of each edition of the newspaper and the weekly print-outs of the legal notices that have run in the Sentinel have now been successfully migrated to a deeper, more robust and dexterously accommodating hosting platform, so they are now available for our subscribers’ perusal.

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