Did Postmus Attend SBC ROV Meeting?

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There was no such meeting.

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Subject: Cothran/Postmus Meeting

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Mr. Page…

       This is Mark Gutglueck with the San Bernardino County Sentinel.

       I am given to understand that you recently met with San Bernardino County Republican Central Committee Chairman Phil Cothran and that Bill Postmus was also present at the meeting. I am further informed that after the conclusion of the meeting, you were told or warned not to disclose that Mr. Postmus was in attendance at the meeting.

        My first line of inquiry is whether you met with Mr. Cothran. My second line of inquiry is what the substance or subject matter of your meeting with Mr. Cothran was. My third line of inquiry is whether Mr. Postmus was at that meeting. My fourth line of inquiry, if in fact Mr. Postmus was at that meeting and you are at liberty to disclose the substance of your exchange with Mr. Postmus, what the gist of your discussion with Mr. Postmus was. My fifth line of inquiry is whether you were, in fact, instructed or warned not to disclose that Mr. Postmus was in attendance at the meeting. My sixth line of inquiry is who it was that told you or warned you not to disclose Mr. Postmus’s presence at the meeting. My seventh line of inquiry is whether these events and this circumstance – if indeed you met with Mssrs. Cothran and Postmus and were instructed or warned not to disclose that you had met with Mr. Postmus – had any bearing on your decision to leave the San Bernardino County Registrar of Voters Office for what I understand is a similar position in Orange County.

        If there is anything further about this circumstance that you are inclined to share with me, I would be interested in that, as well.

       Thank you for your attention to this.

                                                          …Mark Gutglueck    (951) 567 1936

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