A Most Unwelcoming Introduction To Wonder Valley

A Swiss tourist was given a rather inhospitable welcome to the United States when three pit bulls attacked and nearly killed him in a remote area of San Bernardino County’s vast desert outback Tuesday morning.
The mauling occurred near the junction of Midway Road and Amboy Road in Wonder Valley.
The man, from Geneva, Switzerland is in North America on what he said was to have been a backpacking expedition. He was riding a bike within the vista of the Cleghorn Lakes Wilderness when he was set upon by the dogs. He was severely mauled, suffering bites and deep puncture wounds to his face and neck and all of his extremities.
Deputies responding to a report of what had occurred found him and initiated lifesaving measures to stem his bleeding. He was transported to the Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs, where he remains. Hospital employees were unwilling to release his name.
The dogs, which were yet in the area after the attack, were captured and are now in the custody of San Bernardino County Animal Control.

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