Rodriguez Gets 270 Days For Trespassing & Distrurbance; Gomez Heading To Trial

Robert Rodriguez on Monday, January 3 was sentenced to 270 days in county jail on his two misdemeanor convictions on trespassing and disturbing a public meeting growing out of his association with Victorville Councilman Blanca Gomez, one of Victorville Mayor Debra Jones’ political rivals.
Rodriguez was with Gomez at the Panera Bread bakery-café on June 2, 2021 when he became involved in an argument over his having vaped inside the café premises. The sheriff’s department was summoned, and he and Gomez were cited for interfering with the operation of the business.
On July 6 at the Victorville City Council meeting Rodriguez was asked to leave when officials felt he was interfering with the conduct of the meeting.
At the July 20 Victorville City Council meeting, he was arrested when his video-recording of the proceedings antagonized Mayor Jones, particularly when he aimed his camera at her husband, Ernest Jones, who was also present.
Gomez was arrested along with Rodriguez on July 20 and charged with him on November 1. Rodriguez did not waive his right to a speedy trial and endured an 18-day jury trial between December 2 and December 28. Conspiracy to disturb a public meeting and two resisting arrest charges against him were dropped. The interfering with a business charge was converted to trespassing and he was convicted on that charge. He was convicted on the charge of disturbing the July 20 meeting, but was acquitted on the charge of disturbing the July 6 meeting.
Gomez waived her right to a speedy trial. She was arraigned on Tuesday January 4 with her attorney, Raj Maline, entering not guilty pleas for her before Judge Scott Seeley on six charges relating to the June 2 and July 20 incidents.

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