Hostetter To Represent Himself In Speedy Federal Insurrection Trial In D.C.

Former Fontana Assistant Police Chief Alan Hostetter will represent himself in federal court against the U.S. Justice Department in seeking to fend off charges that he was an architect and primary instigator of the January 6 Capitol insurrectionist riot aimed at overturning the results of the 2020 presidential election.
The soldier-turned-law-enforcement officer-turned-yogi-turned political firebrand appears confident that he will be able to acquit himself of the treason charges that could land him a two-decade term in Fort Leavenworth. And though some of his most ardent supporters believe Hostetter has powers of persuasion that will allow him to convince a jury of his peers that he is an innocent crusader for democracy and fair play who has been victimized by a liberal and Democratic Party bastardization of the American ideal and values, there are those within Hostetter’s circle who believe serving as his own attorney will inevitably lead to his conviction and imprisonment, and further discrediting of the Donald Trump Presidential Restoration Movement for which he has been one of the most vocal sponsors.
U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth, who is overseeing Hostetter’s case, sought to dissuade Hostetter, who had no fewer than three attorneys representing him in the initial aftermath of the charges being levied at him in June, from undertaking to construct and carry out his own legal defense. Hostetter, who has had a fair amount of success galvanizing crowds who are sympathetic to his pro-Donald Trump, anti-Gavin Newsom, anti-COVID-19 precaution measure message, believes he can use his rhetorical skill to the same effect on a jury, notwithstanding his lack of familiarity with court and legal procedure and evidentiary and testimonial restrictions and protocol.
In the face of Hostetter’s determination to serve as his own legal counsel and his assertions that attorneys who have been functioning within the legal system for their entire careers would be unable to adjust to accepting his philosophy that holds the entirety of the U.S. political and legal establishment has been corrupted, Judge Lamberth signed off on allowing Hostetter to serve as his own lawyer late last month.
There was nothing to suggest that over the first 22 25ths of his life that Hostetter did anything other than fit comfortably within the mainstream of the U.S. military/politico/legal establishment.
After graduating from high school in 1982, Hostetter joined the Army, training as an infantryman. He was stationed at Fort Hood in Texas with the 1st Cavalry Division and did a tour of duty with the 3rd Infantry Division in Aschaffenburg, West Germany. In 1986, after leaving the Army, he was hired by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. In 1989, he transferred to the Fontana Police Department. He was promoted to police corporal in 1993, sergeant in 1996, lieutenant in 2001, subsequently served in 2006 and early 2007 as the chief of the Fontana School District Police Department, returned to the Fontana Police Department as a captain in April 2007 and became assistant chief in December 2007.
While with the Fontana Police Department, Hostetter worked in the patrol division, on the special weapons and tactics team, in the narcotics unit, detective bureau, traffic unit, internal affairs unit, and administration division. His advancement in the department was paralleled by academic achievement. He obtained a bachelor of science degree in education from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and a master of public administration degree from California State University, San Bernardino.
As he was working his way up from the rank of patrol officer in Fontana, he married Wendy Hostetter, a police dispatcher who eventually became the police department’s dispatch and communications division supervisor. They had a son, Corey, who was hired as a rookie police officer with the Fontana Police Department in 2016, then worked as a police officer in Upland in 2017 and 2018.
It is noteworthy that Alan Hostetter was a graduate of the 212th session of the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Academy at Quantico, Virginia. Within California he was also a graduate of Class 38 of the California Police Officers Standards and Training Command College; and Class 105 of the Sherman Block Supervisory and Leadership Institute.
Though he was on the fast track to become police chief, and it was widely anticipated that he would succeed then-Police Chief Rod Jones upon his eventual retirement, Hostetter, in the fall of 2009, as his marriage to Wendy Hostetter was falling apart, applied for the soon-to-open police chief’s position in the Orange County municipality of La Habra, a city of 60,000, which at that time was less than a third of the size of then-190,000 population Fontana. In December 2009, Hostetter was selected to serve as chief from among the 20 candidates selected from the applicants for the La Habra job.
Hostetter began as La Habra police chief in January 2010, but remained in place only until May of that year, going out on leave and then taking a disability retirement officially effective as of August 26, 2010. He was 46 years old. He moved to San Clemente.
The following year, he began pulling his pension, which was then pegged at $132,907.32, through the California Public Employees Retirement System. In the years since, his pension, tax free and with three percent annual cost of living increases, has grown to $160,495.09.
In 2011, Hostetter began as an instructor/facilitator with the University of Phoenix, teaching undergraduate courses in ethics in criminal justice and graduate courses in budgeting. He remained as an instructor until 2013.
In October of 2011, he founded a company, Public Sector Solutions, which provided investigative services to support private business with workplace investigations. He maintained that company until September of 2017.
Hostetter, who as a police officer had been an advocate of physical fitness, upon his disability retirement took up yoga as a means of maintaining flexibility, suppleness and muscle tone.
In January 2017, after stepping up from the status of a dedicated yoga practitioner to a full-fledged yogi, he created Alpha Yoga of Orange County, a lucrative enterprise which catered mostly to senior citizens and the wives of wealthy businessmen in San Clemente. Hostetter made a remarkable transformation, having gone from the clean cut military/police officer model he had typified in his 20s, 30s and early 40s to a bearded and long-haired guru hippy type. He made a profound break from his previous life as a police officer, an existence in which force and aggression were routine, speaking constantly about eliminating everything other than “good vibes” and seeking out spiritual fulfillment, getting in touch with his own soul and how yoga could make such cosmic realizations for others possible.
Within a very short period of time in the spring of 2020, shortly after the advent of the COVID-19 crisis, Hostetter made an abrupt retransformation, reinventing himself as a self-styled conservative political activist. In April 2020, he closed down Alpha Yoga of Orange County, at once diverting practically all of his time and energy into the American Phoenix Project, a nonprofit organization, of which he was the founder and director. The American Phoenix Project, he solemnly said, was “dedicated to moving America forward as we come out of this national ‘shelter-in-place’ nightmare. Its broad objectives are to:
1) Fight back against the corruption and abuse taking place at all levels of government, local to national.
2) Reform the main stream media entirely. They must be held accountable.
3) Reform social media platforms so that censorship without a legitimate reason is forbidden.
4) Educate the public regarding vaccinations and vaccination programs. Support medical freedom and medical choice, while resisting any attempt to implement a mandatory vaccination program.
5) Resist any attempt to strip Americans of their civil rights and constitutional protections in the future through quarantines of healthy Americans.”
Virtually overnight Hostetter had become the central figure in the resistance to the State of California’s program to limit the spread of the coronavirus.
Touting the movement he was creating, Hostetter said, “The first action of American Phoenix Project was to file a lawsuit against Gavin Newsom to take down all ‘shelter-in-place’ orders currently in place.”
That lawsuit failed, but Hostetter’s efforts drew to him a sizable contingent of residents either opposed to the government lockdowns from the start or who began to chaff under those restrictions as they continued week after week and month after month.
He accused government officials of encouraging medical personnel and public health officials to falsify the cause of death data hospitals and other health institutions kept to fraudulently show that virtually all who were dying at the time had contracted COVID-19. “There’s no pandemic,” he said. “There’s never been a local health emergency.” He likened the call for self quarantining to being “placed under house arrest. We’re going to be wearing masks for the rest of our lives according to [Dr. Anthony] Fauci [the chief medical advisor to the president]. We are going to be digitally tracked for the rest of our lives. First masks, then vaccines, then vaccine passports. Next thing you know, you’re on the cattle cars. These politicians are bought off by big pharma and God only knows the corruption that is involved in keeping them dogging us and dogging us and dogging us.”
Of note, Robert Ramsey, with whom Hostetter had served the entirety of his career at the Fontana Police Department and who eventually acceded to the police chief position there in 2016 when Police Chief Rod Jones retired and after a little more than two years in the chief’s position in 2018 had himself retired to San Clemente, was often seen at the rallies Hostetter was hosting and leading, and he too went on record against the government’s action in seeking to enslave its citizens by increments through the lockdown justifications. Hostetter and Ramsey attended numerous rallies in Orange County against coronavirus restrictions in general during the summer of 2020, protesting beach closures, defying the civil authorities and daring the local police sent to break up the crowds to arrest them and their fellow protesters. Ultimately, on October 21, 2020, at one such rally in San Clemente that questioned the legitimacy of the beach closures, Hostetter was arrested by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.
Immediately upon his having taken up the anti-COVID-19 precautions cause, Hofstetter felt another calling in the form of ensuring the survival of American Democracy and Western Civilization by seeing to it that Donald Trump was reelected president and his Democratic opponent, Joseph Biden, was kept out of the White House.
He rapidly pivoted from insisting that Democratic doomsayers were overselling the threat of the spread of the coronavirus and that “hack politicians,” meaning Democratic officeholders and the Republicans who failed to oppose them, were selling out the American people so that a new order could be imposed on American citizens to an even grander mission of convincing anyone who would listen that Donald Trump represented the last hope for humanity, and that his reelection as president was imperative for the United States to survive as a nation.
Hostetter took to heart President Trump’s warning, made on August 17, 2020 in Wisconsin, “The only way we’re going to lose this election is if the election is rigged.”
On September 19, 2020 during a public address in Orange County, he referenced the trade war with China. “The United States was about to win that war and then that war went suddenly literally viral, manufactured in a Wuhan bio-weapons lab,” he said. “The China virus was unleashed on the world, with the Chinese Communist Party flying their infected citizens all across America and all across the world. And whether by design or simple opportunism, the domestic enemies that have been infiltrating and proliferating within the United States for generations now saw their opportunity six months ago to crash the hottest economy on Planet Earth and try to take out the best president ever. These domestic enemies have used this virus to divide us, to strike fear in us, to subjugate and oppress us, with the ultimate goal being to remove President Donald J. Trump, one of the most amazing and effective leaders this country has ever seen.”
Those around him said he was elated in the immediate aftermath of the election, when on election night, November 3, 2020, it appeared that Donald Trump had narrowly gained reelection, seeming to have won in the crucial swing states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. But with results from the more populous major urban areas of those states coming in the following day, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin slipped from the Republicans grasp and on November 4, 2020, President Trump tweeted from @realDonaldTrump, “Last night I was leading, often solidly, in many key States, in almost all instances Democrat run & controlled. Then, one by one, they started to magically disappear as surprise ballot dumps were counted. VERY STRANGE, and the ‘pollsters’ got it completely & historically wrong!”
From that point on, President Trump and his supporters propounded that the election was being stolen.
On November 12, 2020, during his drive from California to Washington, D.C. where he intended to take part in the million man Make America Great Again March that was to take place on November 14 and make a show of continuing support for the president, Hostetter videoed himself as he was driving through Arkansas, noting that he was on schedule to arrive in Virginia that evening.
“It was so brazen what they did to us, the theft of this election,” he said. “They did this to us in broad daylight. They stole this election while everybody was watching, and they were flipping us the middle finger as they did it. The Deep State has been assuming power in this country and slowly taking everything over in this country. There’s been no honest vote probably in decades, if not longer. They think they’re firmly in control and they’re about to be proven otherwise.”
In the video, Hofstetter stated that votes cast for Trump had been “switched” to Biden, such that the election had been “stolen,” which he characterized as an act of “treason.” This threat to America was so dire that it called for a revolutionary remedy, he said. “Some people at the highest levels need to be made an example of with an execution or two or three, because when you commit treason against this country and you disenfranchise the voters of this country and you take away their ability to make decisions for themselves, you strip them of their Constitutional rights,” he said. “That’s not hyperbole when we call it tyranny. That’s fucking tyranny. And tyrants and traitors need to be executed as an example.”
When the million man MAGA March did not result in reversing the presidential election outcome, President Trump’s supporters and their efforts to prevent what they said was the theft of the election coalesced around the hope that Vice President Mike Pence would use his authority as president of the Senate to prevent the hijacking of the election from occurring. President Trump’s advocates believed that when the House of Representatives and the Senate met in a joint session to certify the election, Pence could overturn the election results in favor of Joseph Biden in key swing states by mandating that votes cast there which were in dispute not be counted, thereby making a determination that the Trump-Pence ticket had prevailed in the presidential/vice presidential election.
Hostetter became the self-appointed leader of Southern California’s “Stop the Steal” movement.
Back in Southern California in December 2020 at rallies in Orange County, he called upon as many “patriots” as possible to heed the president’s call and go to Washington ahead of the joint session of Congress to certify the election results on January 6 to protest that certification, which would, if it conferred victory upon Joseph Biden, he insisted, be invalid.
On December 12, 2020, the American Phoenix Project hosted a “Stop the Steal” rally in Huntington Beach. Hostetter was the primary speaker at the rally, and he later posted a video of his speech on the internet. In the video, Hostetter said Trump had in fact won the election but was cheated out of his victory by forces aligned with the Democrats who had miscounted votes which he said had actually been cast in favor of the incumbent president by miscrediting them as having been made in favor of the challenger Biden. This, Hostetter said, amounted to a “coup.” Hostetter is seen and heard on the video telling the crowd, “We’re gonna fix this before this is all over. There must, absolutely must, be a reckoning. There must be justice. President Trump must be inaugurated on January 20, and he must be allowed to finish this historic job of cleaning out the corruption in the cesspool known as Washington, D.C. The enemies and traitors of America both foreign and domestic must be held accountable. And they will. There must be long prison terms, while execution is the just punishment for the ringleaders of this coup.”
At that time, Hostetter spoke almost exclusively in circumstances where he was surrounded by like-minded Trump supporters. On two known occasions, when someone present asked Hostetter what evidence he could marshal to show the election had in fact been stolen, violence erupted, with those doing the questioning being mobbed.
During one of those rallies, Hostetter propounded that the “elected whores,” meaning the members of Congress, should “fix this mess and keep America America.” Allowing the crooked Democrats who had stolen the election to put their kingpin Joseph Biden in the White House was tantamount to treason, he said, which “patriots” would not stand for. Those members of Congress directly participating in the theft – meaning the Democrats – and the ones passively allowing it to happen – meaning the Republicans who were RINOs or Republicans In Name Only – would suffer the fate of being “tie[d] to a fucking lamppost,” he said.
Ultimately, it would be the action that occurred in the U.S. Capital of Washington, D.C. on January 6, culminating with a substantial number of protesters pushing beyond barriers and storming into the U.S. Capitol building, where allegedly some among those were intent on seeking out and assassinating then-Vice President Mike Pence, President Trump’s running mate who was set to preside over the Senate during the final ratification of the election results, that would lead to Hostetter being indicted.
On June 10, an indictment against Hostetter along with Russell Taylor, Erik Scott Warner, Felipe Antonio “Tony” Martinez, Derek Kinnison and Ronald Mele was unsealed. According to federal prosecutors, Hostetter, Taylor, Warner, Martinez, Kinnison and Mele, self-identifying members of the “three percenters” political movement, purposefully sojourned from Southern California to the nation’s capital earlier this year to interfere with the orderly transfer of presidential power and thereby prevent Joseph Biden, whom Hostetter considers a “communist traitor,” from succeeding Donald Trump as the nation’s chief executive.
Taylor, Warner, Martinez, Kinnison and Mele all coordinated with Hostetter in Southern California in advance of their arrival in Washington, D.C., where they rendezvoused and engaged variously in speechmaking and/or other efforts to incite the masses assembled there to action, according to federal prosecutors.
In the immediate aftermath of his indictment, Hostetter was represented by Bilal Essayli, a California-based attorney who had run unsuccessfully for the California Assembly in 2018. In hearings before the U.S. District Court in the District of Columbia where the case against him and his co-defendants is to be held, Hostetter was also represented John Pierce, and more recently by Karren Kenney.
At a hearing on October 14, Hostetter told U.S. District Court Judge Royce Lamberth that he wanted to represent himself basically because of financial circumstances, his stated rationale for doing so being that the federal government knows that it has no case against him and is proceeding with the criminal charges in an effort to both discredit him and bankrupt him financially.
Lamberth said that whatever Hostetter’s impressions were of the case against him and the justice system, it was ill-advised for him to seek to represent himself in the legal arena with which he has virtually no expertise. He told Hostetter he had “never seen a pro se defendant actually succeed” and that in 2020 he had presided over a case against two defendants who represented themselves and were convicted and received sentences of more than twenty years in prison.
“A trained lawyer would defend you far better than you could defend yourself,” Lamberth said, “You’re not familiar with the law, even as a trained police officer.”
Hostetter intimated to Lamberth that he believes the Justice Department and the courts are corrupt, and that he wants the opportunity to illustrate that through his trial, and does not want to be hampered by an attorney who is likewise corrupted by the system. He said he would be willing to be advised though not represented by an attorney who was not a member of any secret societies such as the Masons, Book and Snake and Skull and Bones.
Judge Lamberth, having exhausted seeking to discourage Hostetter from representing himself by quoting the adage that “a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client,” said he could not and would not prevent Hostetter from serving as his own lawyer so as long as Hostetter submitted an affidavit or a sworn statement that he cannot afford to pay for such representation.
Hostetter did so, despite the consideration that as a consequence of his 24-year public law enforcement career he is currently receiving a $160,495.09 annual pension.
Coming before Lamberth again on October 28, Hostetter renewed his request to represent himself and be granted a speedy trial, meaning, presumably, the official proceedings against him will begin prior to February 2022.
Judge Lamberth granted the court’s permission for Hostetter to serve as his own counsel, with Kenney serving in a court-appointed “advisory” and “standby” capacity. Judge Lamberth’s order stipulated that, consistent with federal law, the court will ascertain after the trial whether Hostetter, based on his income, is capable of paying all or a portion of Kenney’s fees for the assistance she renders. This will prevent U.S. Attorney Channing Phillips, the federal prosecutor in the District of Columbia, from piling on with further perjury charges against Hostetter for falsely claiming he did not have sufficient funds of his own to pay for an attorney.
Meanwhile, Hostetter’s trial looms. Among his followers are those who believe that he will acquit himself in short order. Others, perhaps more realistically, see what Hostetter, for all of this railing about the corruption of American institutions including the court system ignores, which is that Judge Lamberth will not permit him to dominate the courtroom in which he is to be tried in the same manner by which his followers allow him to absolutely control the atmospherics of the protest rallies he leads. Simultaneously, Phillips and his prosecutorial cohorts are salivating at the opportunity to go up against Hostetter, widely considered the most charismatic, telegenic, and persuasive of the Trump Presidential Restoration Movement’s members, in a forum wherein he is entirely outside his element.
Moreover, those on both side of the political divide – Trump supporters and the former president’s most committed, dire and implacable enemies – perceive that the prospect of a Hostetter trial in which he seeks to marshal the evidence he claims will exonerate him will prove an unmitigated disaster that will put on display the delusional and what some consider to be the psychotic character of the Trump Presidential Restoration Movement through the demonstration of how unhinged Hostetter has become.
Even some of his closest friends have come to believe Hostetter has lost his grip on reality.
Hostetter maintains that is not the case. Part of the basis for what some say are Hostetter’s delusional and paranoiac representations stem from material provided to his legal team relating to the case against him. So far, Hostetter, in apparent compliance with one of Judge Lamberth’s orders and the legal advice from Essayli, Pierce and Kenney, has refrained from disclosing the precise substance of the discovery material provided to him and his legal team as a consequence of his prosecution.
That discovery material in large measure is the evidence and testimony that Phillips intends to use in court to obtain Hostetter’s conviction. Though Hostetter has not directly disclosed what the discovery material consists of, he has in some fashion cryptically and in other cases less opaquely referenced the gist of the investigative material accumulated by the prosecution against him and his co-defendants. Such material, under the U.S. Supreme Court ruling Brady v. Maryland, must be made available to criminal defendants and their legal teams to assist in the preparation of a defense. Based upon Hostetter’s elliptical statements, there were apparently federal agents working undercover or informants in some fashion employed by the government within Hostetter’s circle of associates, fellow and sister political activists, friends and acquaintances. These federal agents, Hostetter has suggested but has not stated, included agents provocateurs, that is, individuals who may have themselves engaged in, or encouraged those with whom they came into contact to take, action that was illegal.
Hostetter last month explained his rationale for wanting to represent himself.
“What is happening to me is really a criminal conspiracy,” he said in a video uploaded to the website BitChute. “I’m not only not guilty of any of these charges, I am completely innocent of the charges they have fabricated against me and started working to set me up for.”
According to Hostetter, the FBI and other entities sent agents provocateurs into his circle long prior to the events of January 6, indeed from the time he began his anti-COVID-19 precaution agitation. “It turned out, I have discovered, it was nine months roughly before January 6 happened,” he said, “The FBI was sending informants into me and working me as a potential domestic terrorist going all the way back to my very first protests in April of 2020.”
The Sentinel has learned that federal agents assigned to the Department of Justice National Security Division’s Counterterrorism Section as well as investigators working out of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California were monitoring Hostetter’s Taylor’s, Warner’s, Martinez’s, Kinnison’s and Mele’s activities, associations and whereabouts in 2020.
Attention to his constitutionally-protected free speech and political activity extended to his arrest in October 2020, one that was effected not by federal authorities, but officials functioning within the State of California, who were functioning in league with California Governor Gavin Newsom, Hostetter said.
“I have been exposing the corruption of the local sheriff’s department here and the Orange County sheriff,” he said.
In a gesture of solidarity with the pro-law enforcement orientation of the Republican Party, the conservative mindset in general and his own roots, Hostetter said, “90 percent of these men and women in the sheriff’s department are fantastic. They’re full of integrity, but their command staff, I’m sure, including the sheriff himself and a good contingent of deputies within the department, I have no doubt, are Masonic, in Free Masonry, and those are likely the vast majority of people that were around me the day I was arrested on October 21, 2020 in San Clemente when I organized a protest against Gavin Newsom and the COVID lockdowns.”
He continued, “I will continue speaking out in my own defense. I will continue speaking out in defense of this country against the insanity we are living through right now and the fraudulent Biden Administration that is currently trying their darndest to completely take this country down as a constitutional republic, and this has been going on for generations, being led by the FBI and the intel agencies of this country, which have gone fully rogue and completely evil and corrupt.”
Hostetter said the FBI and CIA are “Luciferian, Satanic organizations,” and he cited as evidence of that reality that in 1924 J. Edgar Hoover, who was then 29 years old, was designated as the director of what became the Federal Bureau of Investigation. “The reason he got that position is he was a 33rd degree Freemason,” Hostetter said. “He was given the leadership, the directorship of that organization. He built that organization, and I am sure once he moved into that position surrounded himself with Freemasons and probably hired as many Freemasons as he possibly could. It’s a secret society. It’s like Skull and Bones at Yale, the Cabal, many others that are out there that are destroying the fabric of this nation, destroying everything that is good, not only in this country but globally.”
Hostetter rejected suggestions that he is not dealing realistically with the world or his situation. He insisted he was simply standing up for the freedoms Americans hold dear, and that he was maliciously framed by corrupt FBI agents and informants.
“I have never been more sane, more happy, more optimistic and more excited about what I’m about embark on – defending myself and exposing these crimes against me and those crimes against this country,” he insisted.
-Mark Gutglueck

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