Migrant Children Being Flown Through Ontario Airport?

The Sentinel has received a report that migrant children, who apparently were not in the custody of nor accompanied by their parents, were being flown out of Ontario International Airport this week.
On September 28, a passenger on a flight out of Ontario Airport saw multiple groups of Hispanic children with what appeared to be chaperones waiting for and boarding flights.
The children, who were communicating in Spanish, were in separate groups of three to six.
There was some level of interchange ongoing between the adults serving as chaperones, the Sentinel was told.
Another indication was that at least some of the children were en route to Baltimore.
There was some speculation that the children originated at the Fairplex grounds in Pomona, which in April the Joseph Biden Administration designated as a holding area/emergency shelter for unaccompanied children who had crossed the border into the United States
There was an influx of immigrants from Mexico and Central America through several border crossings earlier this year, prompted by what was presumed to be the willingness of the Biden Administration to welcome immigrants into the United States. While many of those arriving were intact families, over time some children were separated from their parents or became lost. In some cases, parents dropped their children over or pushed them past border boundaries, leaving them unaccompanied on the American side of the international divide.
Efforts by the Sentinel to learn from Ontario International Airport officials as well as those with the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service who the children were and what is to become of them were unsuccessful.

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