California Style: East Meets West

By Grace Bernal
There’s a lot happening in the fashion world lately, with fashion week, met gala, and an immersive Bill Cunningham exhibit, which opened in Downtown New York.  These events highlight designers’ collections for the next fashion season.
Things are feeling like they’re getting back on track. We are moving forward in California, too.
For Californians, Fashion Week New York is the global season opening for trending fashion pieces. Buying will take place, and people on the streets will start shopping off the trends. Some fun things I’ve been seeing are cropped or oversized blazers with shoulder pads, cowboy boots, and hints of leather. As fashion comes west, we meet it with the autumn season of colors, with hints of warm greens, golden yellows, and lots of golden browns: think fall foliage. The idea that East-New York, meets West-California has enormous power. The power to bring back creativity, trends, and fashion to the streets adds possibilities of getting back to some normalcy.
As many get back to work and school amongst other things that power our economy, we can hopefully revel in the fashion of the moment. You can’t have East without West; that’s like only crying and not laughing. We need each other now more than ever. We need to get that power of life back, and, for me, that means doing it through fashion. Let’s express ourselves. Let’s  move forward. Let’s grow together and empower each other. Whether East or West, get your blazer, boots, and leather on, and hit the streets.

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.”Bill Cunningham

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