Murder Victim’s Body Dumped On Upland Street

A Hispanic woman was found slain at the intersection of Mountain and 18th Street in Upland on Thursday morning.
Upland police officers were summoned to the corner by a report phoned into police headquarters of a woman lying in the road in the upscale residential neighborhood around 7 a.m. May 6. The 18th Street intersection is 1,800 feet south of the I-10 Freeway and less than 1,000 feet west of Pepper Tree Elementary School.
Based on a preliminary examination, the woman appeared to have been stabbed to death.
She was pronounced dead at the scene.
A Hispanic man and a Hispanic woman who were near the scene were detained. Whether insinuations that the man and woman were in some measure responsible for the victim’s death or whether assertions that they were the perpetrators were interrogative tactics employed as a consequence of the investigators’ conjecture is unknown at this time. The couple’s proximity to the scene where the body was found and their shared ethnicity with the victim could have formed the basis of their detention and questioning. A Hispanic man was reported to have been seen leaving the intersection around the time the report of the prone woman was made.
Police officers are permitted by law to make misrepresentations to suspects of crimes, such as asserting that they are in possession of evidence indicating an individual’s guilt.

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