45-Year-Old Succumbs To Severe Thrashing By Green Tree Inn Security Guard

A 45-year-old man who has yet to be identified by authorities was found dead in the parking lot of Victorville’s Green Tree Inn after creating a ruckus and getting his clock cleaned by a security guard early Thursday evening.
Just before 7:30 p.m., San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies summoned to the location found the man. One report had it that he was found on the ground after having stumbled following his fight with the security guard. Another said he had made it to a vehicle, believed to be his own, and was found there unresponsive and no longer breathing.
The sheriff’s dispatch center sent the deputies to the Green Tree Inn in response to a report of an assault having taken place there.
The deputies attempted to revive the man, performing cardio-pulmonary resuscitation after checking for a puse and finding none. Paramedics responded and the man was transported to Victor Valley Global Medical Center in Victorville, where he waa pronounced dead.
It was the position of hotel staff that the man, who was not checked into the hotel, was causing a disturbance and was unwelcome at the hotel, and thus merited the thrashing he was given.
Homicide investigators in short order verified that he was not a guest at the Green Tree Inn. The detectives have not verified the claims by hotel personnel that the intruder provoked the beating he received by mouthing off to them and the security guard. Witnesses said the man clearly lost in the physical exchange with the guard, who sent him packing into the parking lot, where he was staggering and lost his footing more than once, falling to the pavement.
Public identification of the man will not come until notification of his next of kin is made.

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