Grace Bernal’s California Style: Rolling

As we roll into spring, I am reminded of John Kennedy Jr. rollerblading through New York with his dog on a leash, with a newspaper and sneakers in his other hand. And, he was so “HOT” about it. Now gone and still “HOT!”

Guess what? Roller skates are in, and a whole lot of fun, too. We’ve all been stuck inside due to the quarantine, but lets face it, California weather is gorgeous and one good reason to come back to life by rolling out on skates. I’ve been paying attention, and Wow! Some people move great on and in skates. I was motivated to relive my youth. It’s been maybe 9 years since I last skated, but I did my research and got a pair of Moxi Skates.

I have taken it easy by rolling in my house. Recently, I got out to the bike trail. I started out slowly on a sunny day. I must say my crazy idea has inspired others to do the same. While you’re wondering if you still can or why you’re not, just get out there rollerskating. Take a pause and take the leap.
Skating dates back to the 1700s, but I can relate best to the 1970s, since that is where it began for me. You can pick up skates in different brands. Based on reviews I’ve read, here are some suggestions: Impala Skates, Chaya Skates, Moxi Skates, and let’s not forget the original-traditional Chicago Brand Skates. There’s a lot of distancing with roller skating and you feel free doing it. One thing to remember is to start easy and basic. Some tips: Widen your legs, go slightly forward, moderately bend the knees, and wear pads. Is there fashion in this comeback trend? Absolutely! Some fashion tips: Shorts, striped knee socks, overalls, bell bottoms, spandex, and skirts. It’s all mix and matchable, and for spring you can make it colorful.

Rooling 1
I recently heard that every Thursday from 6 pm to 9 pm there are Rollerskate And Date events. There is more information on the Instagram page: Use your creativity and get on the rollies.
Have fun with the activity which is great for spring, summer, and any time, as long as the weather permits. Until next time – Keep rolling!

Let the Good Times Roll” -The Cars

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