Ontario, Chino & San Bernardino County Pact On San Antonio Avenue Storm Drain

The cities of Ontario and Chino are working in concert with San Bernardino County and the county’s flood control division to construct a $23.36 million regional storm drain.
The facility is to be located on San Antonio Avenue, running northerly from the existing Sultana-Cypress storm drain in the City of Chino to Phillips Street and easterly on Phillips Street to Oakland Avenue in the City of Ontario.
The City of Ontario, which is the most financially stable of San Bernardino County’s 24 municipalities, will front the money for the project, but will over time be reimbursed for 75 percent of the project cost by the county and presumably 12.5 percent of the cost by the City of Chino.
The proposed project is a component of the county flood control district’s priority project list and ten-year construction funding program.
The shared drainage master plan for Ontario and Chino addresses the need to construct a storm drain along San Antonio Avenue that will safely convey the flows generated by a 100-year storm, that is, the most intensive amount of rain that will fall statistically in one sustained deluge, based on the historical meteorological record for the local area over the last century.
The Ontario Chino area sustained heavy rains and flooding in 1938, 1964 and 1969.
The City of Ontario will act as the lead agency and will advance all funding for the San Antonio Avenue Storm Drain project. The total estimated cost of the undertaking is $23,360,000, including inspection, materials testing, construction management, environmental permitting, utility relocation, and construction. The San Bernardino County Flood Control District’s share is approximately 75 percent of that amount, $17,520,000. Due to the magnitude of the project, an additional 25 percent or $4,380,000, is being included by the county as additional spending authority
to fund any pre-approved contingencies, bringing the total potential county contribution toward the project cost to a not-to-exceed amount of
$21,900,000 which will be funded by property tax revenue.
It is estimated that the flood control district will not have the full funding available for its share of the project cost until fiscal year 2024-25. The City of Ontario has agreed to allow the county and its flood control district to submit reimbursement when funding is available.
Upon completion of the project, Ontario and Chino are to own, operate, and maintain the facility and all the local drainage improvements, including all catch basins, lateral connections to the mainline, and all manhole covers and appurtenances for the project.

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