Flores Envisions Bringing Real Estate Industry Service Principles To The Chino City Council

Christopher Flores, who is going up against incumbent Paul Rodriguez in the November election to represent Chino’s First District said, “I am running for the city council as part of my calling to serve the City of Chino in a leadership role. I made the decision to run because I believe our city council can use someone new with 21st Century ideas, but who also wants to preserve the roots of Chino and see steady growth over the next 15 to 20 years. As a volunteer for the city and local nonprofit organizations, I am mentored by long-time community members, teachers, pastors, and coaches. I have learned that good leaders must first become good servants. My mission is to serve the people of Chino.”
He believes he is every bit as qualified as Rodriguez to hold the position of city councilman.
“As a real estate agent, I am entrusted with one of the biggest investments a family can make,” he said. “It is my duty to safeguard any money, deeds, or any other documents entrusted to me that relate to the transaction. I am obligated to provide reasonable care and diligence while being truthful and loyal to clients. Between my career and passion to serve Chino, I continue to build a track record of being honest, reliable and committed to serving people, especially the people of Chino. I believe I have a clear understanding of what people’s main concerns are and what they expect from their city councilman.”
He is distinguished from Rodriguez, Flores said, by “my energy and passion to continue serving and volunteering in the community. I have a mission to put the needs of our most vulnerable population at the forefront while listening to our youth because I relate as a peer. My opponent and I have differing views for the future for Chino, specifically on land use policy. I advocate for steady growth. I believe my servant leadership qualities along with my commitment to the people of Chino are the significant qualities that distinguish me from my opponent for this position.”
Flores said, “The major issue facing the city is the same issue facing renters and first-time home buyers: lack of financial resources due to the current pandemic. Famous restaurants, flower shops, and other businesses have either permanently closed, suffered major financial hardships, or let employees go. The city’s current budget has already experienced significant shortages, partly as a result of lower sales revenues from local businesses. This issue also has the potential of significantly affecting Chino’s quality of life, but with the right leadership and vision, Chino residents and business owners have a bright future to look forward to. No family or business should be left behind.”
He said, “The financial hardship should be redressed by continuing to take a conservative financial approach to our budget spending. I believe cutting-edge, simple-to-use digital platforms are part of the solution to help reduce spending as much as possible. Digital platforms have the ability to connect people, organizations, and resources with the aim to reduce spending while also creating revenue resources never imagined before.”
In addressing how he proposes the city will pay for the solutions he suggests, Flores said, “One thing I know about Chino is its commitment to fiscal responsibility. Our Chino City Council, city manager, and the executive management team have worked so well together in governing and prudently using the city’s general fund and general fund reserves. I propose the city continue to use these same fiscally responsible practices to ensure proper budgeting and oversight of taxpayers’ dollars.”
Flores acknowledged that “My exposure to municipal government is limited, as I consider this an area of development for me. I studied ethics and philosophy of law in college and learned to develop strategies for implementing social change through communication. I explored concepts related to rhetoric, public argumentation, and political thought. In theory, I studied and analyzed government and politics. I have relevant experience in real estate, such as working with a team of brokers, lenders, inspectors, escrow officers, and more to reach a common goal. My employment at a law firm gave me hands-on experience in legal proceedings. I work with an amazing non-profit organization located in the heart of Chino which is closely related to government operations. My education, volunteer work, and experience in law and real estate will  help me make a smooth transition in becoming the councilman District 1 needs me to be.”
Flores spent the formative years of his youth in Los Angeles, where he attended Cathedral High School College Preparatory. He moved to Chino as a young adult. “I have lived in Chino for over five years, and have friends and family who have lived in Chino for over 30 years. I look forward to raising my family in Chino for years to come.”
Flores obtained undergraduate degrees in philosophy and communications from California State University, Los Angeles.
A licensed California real estate agent since November 2017, Flores previously held a full-time position at a law firm as a legal assistant/intake specialist.
Flores is not married and has no children. “I am the proud uncle to several nephews and nieces and a proud godfather of one goddaughter,” he said.
Flores told the Sentinel, “If I am fortunate enough to be elected as a councilman, I want to assure the entire community, specifically residents living in District 1, that I will serve as an advocate for them at City Hall. District 1 is special in that it is home to our oldest neighborhoods and the majority of our Latino population. Our community requires an understanding of the current and future needs specific to District 1. Please visit chrisflores.org to learn more about my platform. Follow me on Facebook at facebook.com/flores4chino and Instagram @flores4chino.”

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