His Youth Puts Him In Tune With A Wider Cross Section Of Chino Hills’ Electorate, Taqi Says

Sabir Taqi, who is a candidate challenging incumbent Art Bennett in this year’s race for Chino Hills Third District councilman, said “I have lived in this city for most of my life, and while it is an amazing city, it has not reached its full potential. I feel like I could help it reach its full potential.”
Taqi said, “I have always had a passion for politics, and I wanted to put that passion into action. I feel that due to my younger age, I will be able to keep in tune with both the younger and older crowds, allowing the city to propel further in a way that benefits everyone.”
Taqi, who is currently attending the University of California, Irvine, said he is set apart from Bennett and the other two candidates who have yet taken out papers in the Third District, Tyler Shields and James Gallagher, by his youth. “Besides my age. I feel that my willingness to listen to both sides would differentiate me from my opponents,” he said.
Taqi said “The current biggest problem looming over Chino Hills is the COVID-19 pandemic. However, also due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a projected $3.5 million shortfall in the city budget for Fiscal Year 2019-2020. The city has stated that its reserves will be able to cover it, but I believe that is an extremely dangerous mindset to be in. While it is great that we have enough in the reserves to have a safety net for this shortfall, relying too much on it could have horrible consequences. I believe that the worst way to handle a budget shortfall is to spend more money. I think what we need to do is take advantage of the lack of people out during the pandemic and close certain non-essential city activities in order to cut costs so that we could either reduce the shortfall or eliminate it entirely.”
Taqi said “The beauty of that solution is there are no additional costs or funds to procure.”
Taqi said that despite his youth, he had experience in politics and government.
“I used to be an intern at [San Bernardino County Fourth District Supervisor] Curt Hagman’s district office. I was also the founder of the Ayala Politics Club.”
Taqi has lived in Chino Hills for nearly 14 years. He attended and graduated from Ruben S. Ayala High School. When he originally matriculated at the University of California, Irvine, he was a biology major. He is now switching to computer science.
While pursuing his studies, Taqi said, “I have worked many part-time jobs as customer service representatives. Due to the pandemic and my status as a high-risk individual, I am temporarily out of the workforce.”
He is not married, Taqi said, “I do not have any children, much less any grandchildren,” he deadpanned when he was queried with regard to his domestic circumstance in a standard questionnaire.
Taqi told the Sentinel, “I would like your readers to know that if they have any further inquiries or if there is an issue within the city they would like to bring up, they can easily contact me through e-mail at sabir.taqi@yahoo.com. You could also contact my campaign manager, Rachel Kwak, at rachelkwak02@gmail.com.”

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