Marsh Commits To Apply Logic & Civility If Entrusted With Victorville City Council Berth

Victorville Planning Commission Member Paul Marsh is seeking a position on the Victorville City Council in November. This week he told the Sentinel, “I believe all politics are local and the Victorville City Council needs people who can evaluate issues logically and offer common sense solutions.” Marsh said he is “able to recognize issues, research the facts, engage in civil discussion, then make a decision. I am hoping to bring a different approach to the council. I am running because I understand this election is a pivotal point, a crossroads for our city and I can bring rationality and consistency to the council.”
In addition to his current position on the planning commission, Marsh is a self-employed loan officer affiliated with Home Funding Corp. who originates home, commercial and hard money loans. He has previously served as vice president of the Southern California Black Chamber of Commerce. Marsh said he was at one with that organization’s dedication “to improving the economic environment for the minority business community by fostering business development and prosperity. I am a member of the High Desert Community Coalition which focuses on preventing and reducing substance abuse within communities of the High Desert. I am also a member of the Southern California High Desert Intervention Action Coalition, which addresses ongoing homeless issues.”
Marsh said his “diverse community engagement, active participation in and dedication to city improvement, in addition to my business background, distinguishes me from other candidates.”
Enumerating the major issues facing Victorville, Marsh highlighted “the lack of essential services, such as police, code enforcement, animal control, fire service; rapidly increasing crime; the deterioration of parts of our city; and homelessness. In order to rectify these issues, the city would basically need to have additional personnel, and seek neighborhood and commercial involvement and participation.”
Marsh noted that, “A measure has been approved by the city council for placement on the November ballot which, if approved by the voters in Victorville, would increase city revenues which would be directed to these issues.”
Marsh further advocated “holding absentee and commercial property owners accountable for the condition of their parking lots and properties.” He said those problem could be partially offset by further development. “The additional housing being built will also enhance the amount of property tax allocated to Victorville,” he said.
Marsh said that in evaluating his candidacy, he hopes the city’s voters will consider, “my current position on the planning commission, my advocacy for special needs children, my service as a board member on numerous civic organizations. I also have attended city council meeting regularly for four years and participate by addressing the council on agenda items and community comments.”
Marsh noted that he knows the lay of the land in Victorville as well as it can be known. “I have lived in Victorville for 58 years,” he said. “I arrived in 1962 when my father was stationed at George Air Force Base. My mother was a teacher at Park View Elementary School. The only time I was away was when I served in the US Army, but I maintained my Victorville address.”
Marsh is a 1975 graduate of Victor Valley Sr High School. “I am a proud Jackrabbit,” he said. Furthermore, he noted, “I attended Bossier City Community College and Victor Valley College, studying business. In addition, I am required to take supplemental courses, which includes conferences, seminars and workshops in finance, mortgage banking and financial regulations to maintain my certification.”
Marsh has been married to Lenita Q. Marsh for 40 years. “We are the proud parents of three children, two daughters and one son who was born with cerebral palsy. We have four grandchildren, two of whom live with us and call us Mom & Dad.”
Marsh was hopeful his addition to the city council will elevate and enlighten that body’s deliberations and decision making.
“Since I have been attending Victorville City Council meetings, they have become pandemonium, which impedes the business of the city,” he said. “I will bring civility and decorum to the dais, as well as a commitment to return to Victorville’s tradition of vision and planning.”
-Mark Gutglueck

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