California Style

Cargo pants are that proven comfort item that can keep you cool and protected while at work or having fun under the hot California sun. The cargo seems to be trending as of late, available in thick-to-thin linen materials. They are perfect for on the go, a day trip, or even the office job. If you’re headed on a hike or the lake, wear them with your favorite tank top. Headed to the beach? Complement them with a bikini top or swim suit of choice. For the office, top them off with a minimal T-shirt, ballet flats, and light sweater, if needed. The colors are open – from basic army green to white. It’s super fun to wear the cargo and both gals and guys look great in them. Really this piece is utility-like, and perfect for the storm we’re all weathering. Throw a pair on, and your ready to conquer the day. Stay safe and enjoy!

“The older I get and the harder it is to maintain a six pack, the more I wish I wore a tactical vest and cargo pants like Roman Reigns.” -Randy

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