Honore Seeking Voters’ Mandate To Succeed Haughey In Representing Chino’s District 4

Anthony Honore said that he was inspired to seek election to the Chino City Council from “listening to the community chatter both positive and negative. I am passionate about helping my community keep that positive outlook in regards to our great city.”
Honore is resident of Chino’s District 4, in which Tom Haughey is the incumbent. As of today, Haughey has not yet pulled candidacy papers, and has given indication he likely will not run for reelection. If he does not file nomination papers by the August 7 deadline, the nomination period for District 4 will be extended to August 12. Another District 4 candidate who has pulled papers is former Police Chief Karen Comstock. There is indication that Comstock will not follow through with filing her nomination papers if Haughey in fact opts to seek reelection.
Honore appears to be purposed to seek the District 4 position no matter who else gets into the race.
He said he is confident he will be able to handle the demands of the position.
“I have spoken with the sitting council member,” Honore said. “He informed me of the day-to-day aspect that will take time to become familiar with and the certain subjects I will need to comprehend. I strongly believe that with my ability to learn quickly, along with my background in financial services, I will succeed in this position.”
Honore said, “I believe that the distinguishing factor between myself and any candidate is I have and will continue to reach out to everyone possible within my district. I have a passion for helping as well as listening, so I love going door-to-door and hearing out each one of my neighbors. It is always a pleasure speaking to the folks of the entire district, and I have many more neighbors to meet and I look forward to it.”
Chino’s problems are not acute ones, Honore said, but rather subtle and nuanced.
“I don’t believe there is one issue in particular that plagues the City of Chino,” he said. “As a resident within my district, I do see a few things that can be improved. Our city has been around since the early 1900s and it can most definitely use some improvements such as the updating of sidewalks and alleyways. I believe certain streets need to be fixed, so potholes don’t ruin the cars of the citizens and visitors. All of these are concerns that have come from the people I have already met with thus far.”
His formula for addressing the city’s needs, Honore said, is to achieve consensus and proceed in a deliberate and measured fashion.
“Well, as a council member, I would bring these issues to my colleagues and as a team we can tackle everything together,” Honore said. “I don’t act alone, as I am just one piece to the greater puzzle of the city council. Keeping the city running smoothly, I know, is the main focus of this great council, so these issues I’ve gathered from the community can be addressed and taken care of.”
Honore expressed confidence that the funding to effectuate the needed changes already exists and is earmarked to make such adjustments, but that money is not being utilized and needs to be tapped into by direction from the council with regard to specific efforts being mandated.
“Within every city’s budget, there are allotted funds for these types of projects,” Honore said. “Along with new and existing entities that pay taxes to do business within this great city, there will be enough funding to keep this community running at its best.”
Honore acknowledged that he is a political neophyte, but insisted that can be overcome by his continuing to demonstrate to those who will be his constituents that he merits their trust.
“As far as government experience, this is my first step into this realm,” he said. “I have always wanted to serve this amazing community, and now the opportunity has presented itself. This opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time and I am grateful for it. Due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback from the neighbors I have met and spoken with thus far, it has shown me that I have the support of my community.”
Honore noted he is Chinoan through and through. “I have lived in Chino since I was 8 years old, which is basically my whole life. I moved from our neighboring City of Ontario. I remember the good ol’ cow smell as a child. We still get that smell when it rains. Every City of Chino resident will share that with you in a heartbeat. I attended high school in Chino. I am a proud Conquistador! Don Antonio Lugo High School is where I attended. I still have a few amazing teachers I am in contact with, ones who saw my potential long before I did.”
His post high school education consisted of on-the-job training, Honore said.
“As far as college goes, I did not attend for my career path,” he said. “I was taught by my mentor, who took me under his wing and showed me the ropes in becoming a businessman.”
Honore is involved in independent contracting, which he described as “doing business with major insurance companies such as TransAmerica, Nationwide and over 150 other well-known companies. I am licensed through the state of California.”
Honore told the Sentinel, “I am currently not married. However I have been with my high school sweetheart for 12 beautiful years. We do not have children as of now, but we definitely want as many as God will allow us.”
Honore said, “I want every reader to know I am genuine in wanting to help better this city as a whole. I care for each person who stands in front of me, because every one of us is different. Each community member has individual needs and I feel that gets forgotten most times. I am here now to let the people know I understand. This city deserves great people in this leadership role, and all I want to do is show my community I can be that leader if given this chance.”

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