Upland City Council To Discuss Unknown Subject In Afternoon Meeting Today

The Upland City Council is slated to meet in a closed session this afternoon. The agenda for the meeting gives a rather vague description of the issue at hand, stating the council is to consider “one case” of “significant exposure to litigation pursuant to paragraph (2) of subdivision(d) of Section 54956.9 ” The description does not specify the California Government Code, although that is the apparent reference.
It is believed the council will discuss the potential of legal action against the city as a consequence of Mayor Debbie Stone and City Manager Rosemary Hoerning placing Police Chief Darren Goodman on administrative leave on Monday. That action followed a specially-called meeting of the city council on Friday, June 19, at which a consensus to fire or suspend Goodman was sought but apparently not obtained.
On Monday, Stone and Hoerning acted without the backing of the remainder of the city council.
A number of Upland citizens intend to hold a rally in support of Goodman in front of City Hall at 2 p.m. today.
The council meeting is slated to begin at 2:30 p.m. today, Thursday June 25. Members of the public present will be afforded the opportunity to speak to the council before the panel, reduced to four members as a consequence of the resignation of Councilman Ricky Felix effective May 31, adjourns into its closed door executive discussions.

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