Grace Bernal’s California Style: Masking

Style 3 27Besides the toilet paper hoarding, which has me looking into getting a bidet, the mask has exploded on the streets. Seems like the only fashion we have are masks. Not what we would have thought as a fashion trend, but here it is 2020, in the season of COVID-19. The mask is the new fashion statement which symbolizes protection. We have to shield ourselves now more than ever. Some people are getting crafty and making their own mask, which is neat but not in a good way, I suppose. Under the circumstances, one can even say they look appropriate, and go with a sweat suit sneakers or even a dress. Some masks are quite chic and they have come a long way. Perhaps the look of the mask will go further into tradition, similar to that of a hijab cover wrap or batoola for protection, and you can make your own. These masks are a step up from the basic medical mask, and they are reusable. Whether you’re having a hard time purchasing a basic medical mask or you’re getting innovative, making your version is a nice way to practice your creativity and get the boredom out. At this moment, no one in the world is exempt from this virus, and fashion has always brought people together. Let’s stay committed, safe and do our part, be it medical mask or a do-it-yourself. Make the best of this moment!

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” — Bill Cunningham

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