Chaffey College Purchases 5,000 Laptops To Be Loaned To Students

Prompted by mandated precautions that have canceled classroom instruction, Chaffey College has purchased 5,000 laptop computers from Dell for distribution to students so classes can be conducted on line.
The Dell Chromebooks are considered loans to ensure Chaffey students have access to the technology needed to successfully complete online class, according to Chaffey College President/Superintendent Henry Shannon, who along with his executive team, referred to as his cabinet, determined purchasing the devices represented the best way for the college to carry out its educational mission in the current circumstance.
“Due to the global pandemic, the decision was made to move all instruction to online,” said Alisha Rosas, Chaffey’s executive director of equity, outreach and communications. “Chaffey College knew many of our students did not have the devices to do this, so we stepped up to provide them with the tools needed to succeed. The district utilized one-time funding as well as pulled from its reserve to provide the Chromebooks to students.”
Rosas noted that while Chromebooks possess all of the functionality needed by students to engage in the completion of their coursework, the devices are less expensive than most other laptops sold on the market. Dell Chromebooks are available for $239.
According to Rosas, “Chaffey College proactively ordered these devices when it appeared that COVID-19 was not something that was going away anytime soon. We had to make institutional decisions that were centered around our students, so we were probably among the first colleges to order so many pieces of equipment early.” Asked if Chaffey had previously made laptop devices available to its students, Rosas said, “This is historically unprecedented, so we have never done anything of this magnitude. That said, we have loaned devices and checked out equipment to students. That practice is not new.” All of the classes offered at Chaffey have transitioned to on-line instruction, Rosas said. In order to obtain a Chromebook, Rosas said, “The students did not have to do anything except display need. Chaffey College used a reservation system to ensure students were enrolled, but during a crisis such as COVID-19, we did not make the students prove anything – except that they wanted to continue learning and taking classes at Chaffey College.”
Rosas said, “The Chromebooks are to be used for class/college related-work only. The Chromebooks are loaned to students. They are theirs to use on loan from Chaffey College until the spring term ends, which is May 31. If a student enrolls for summer online instruction, he/she can continue using the device for that term.” Rosas said, “The College will recover the loaned Chromebooks at the end of the spring term or the end of the summer term, depending on a student’s enrollment. Chaffey College will continue to provide online instruction through its summer term. The college will contact the students when it is time to recover the Chromebooks and arrange for the devices to be returned.” Over 1,200 of the devices had been distributed as of today.
-Mark Gutglueck

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