Grace Bernal’s California Style: Weatherproof

Just when we thought we had sunny days ahead, we get precipitation. Waterproof your wardrobe! It’s raining in California. So, arm yourself with the right attitude, and prepare to brave the rain. Let’s start with the classic raincoat, but make it fashionable. There are also raincoats that come in pop up colors. In addition, you have cute rain boots to pair with your outfits. Another great shoe choice for this weather are Doc Martens. You can pair them with faux leather pants or denim. The boots will keep you dry in the rain. If you want a utility look, add a rain poncho. These nifty accoutrements go great with any outfit. For accessories, do take an umbrella and, if you’re into it, a beret.  Stay Dry!

“You have to get dressed in the morning, so you might as well make it fun” – J.Crew

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