New Bill Cunningham Documentary

There is a new and exciting documentary about Bill Cunningham: The Times Of Bill Cunningham.
It is directed by Mark Bozek. Its cast consists, essentially, of Bill Cunningham.
Told in Bill Cunningham’s own words from a recently unearthed six-hour 1994 interview, the iconic street photographer and fashion historian chronicles, in his customarily cheerful and plainspoken manner, moonlighting as a milliner in France during the Korean War, his unique relationship with First Lady Jackie Kennedy, his four decades at The New York Times and his democratic view of fashion and society. Narrated by Sarah Jessica Parker, The Times of Bill Cunningham features incredible photographs chosen from over 3 million previously unpublicized and unpublished images and documents from Cunningham.
I had a long term relationship with Bill Cunningham without ever meeting him in person.
I made numerous attempts to meet him while in New York, but alas, I was never that lucky. Bill and I have been communicating our thoughts with regard to style/fashion for a while, he on the East Coast, and I on the West Coast. The difference between the two of us was he was 87 years old and had been capturing fashion through photography for over 50 years, and I had only begun.
On June 25th 2016, the curtain came down on this phenomenal and humbling man. It was the end of an era.
Bill captured history with his photos for years, and I am only guessing that he was the first fashion photographer of the streets. He was a passionate and emotional person when it came to his work, and you could hear it in his voice every time he spoke. He was considered the most important person in the world in France, which is quite an acknowledgment for an American.
Cunningham was born in Boston to William Cunningham, a government employee, and his shy wife. Ever since childhood he used a camera to photograph people on the streets, events and whatever was interesting.
For a half century, more than that actually, Bill Cunningham was out photographing the streets by day, and the evening hours by night. In 1949, and long before photography became his profession, Cunningham began making hats and selling them under the name of William J. He wrote publications for the Chicago Tribune, and Details Magazine. But, The Times hired Cunningham in the late 70s after an editor saw a photograph he took of Greta Garbo.
There is so much to say about the cycling “Gentle Man” with the blue jacket. He saw it all through his photography and in the Big Apple. New York City will never be the same without this beautiful soul. Cunningham, a true and incredible legend who was able to build a life doing what he loved, was famous despite himself, and did not care. There is a rumor that he did not cash his paychecks. He did what he loved until the end, and no one could cut through the nonsense like he did. His photographs showed his love for people, and spoke truths! I will never stop wondering how this 87-year-old went through life with his camera in tow. He knew how to fight to find beauty.
I don’t see what everybody is so excited about. I just take pictures.” – Bill Cunningham

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