Grace Bernal’s California Style: Leather Up

I wore a long dress with boots, and missing was a leather jacket with fringes. Looks like 2020 is the year for leather. It is popping in all sorts of colors and you will see it from head to toe. Meaning shirts, jackets, pants, dresses, and etc.… You can do leather all year long and it’s a fun feel-good material, too. Something about leather adds contour to any outfit. You can really inspire any outfit with a hint of leather. Try a jumpsuit with a leather jacket, a leather suit, or a leather skirt with a plaid blazer. Have fun with whichever leather piece you choose to run with this year. I’ll be looking out for fringes on the street.
“A leather jacket always makes you look cooler, sometimes more chic, and it elevates your look to make you look like you’ve purchased something expensive to set yourself apart.”  -Tan France

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