Grace Bernal’s California Style:70s

Some decades never get old and in 2020 everything that is old is going to become new again. The style of the 70s is definitely making a comeback in 2020 and just about everyone enjoys this trend. This period in time was very glamorous full of unforgettable icons  like Mick Jagger, Diane Keaton, Grace Jones, Debbie Harry, we even had Jackie “O”, and more. High Midi dresses, Dian Von Furstenberg wraps dress, slouchy boots, high waisted trousers, flare jeans, jumpsuits, and oversized collars were just a few of the fun pieces. With this comes exploration with wardrobe. One of my favorites was Brigitte Bardot she really had great style and new how to put her wardrobe together. Lastly let’s not forget the platform shoes because they were and continue to be fun specially as we head into spring. The 70s was a great fashion decade full of changes and variety. With that said,  enjoy recovering the 70s and adding a touch of this era to the  2020 wardrobe.   Stay Chic!
“I loved the seventies.” Diane von Furstenberg

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