Grace Bernal’s California Style: Velvet

Velvet really explodes during fall, and it pops up in different forms. There are striped velvet pieces, metallic, and ribbed velvet. And as it starts to cool down, velvet tops can keep you warm. A pair of velvet boots with jeans are a bonus to any outfit. From dresses to trousers, velvet is fun to wear,  even on your feet. Glamour and elegance are combined when you add velvet to your outfit. It’s splendid at parties and great as an accent day piece. Velvet is holiday perfect and can be worn through romantic  February.  So this season, whether you suit up or dress down, get your velvet on. The season is full of cozy, and with velvet in tow it is sure to be chic!

“I loved ‘Blue Velvet.”  Sheryl Lee

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