Grace Bernal’s California Style: Overall Fun

This weather is hard to keep up with when it comes to fashion trends. But overalls are looking pretty cool lately. That trend doesn’t pop up often, but they are hitting the street scene. Actually,  they never really went away. The overall isn’t a basic wardrobe piece and that is what makes it unique.  Nevertheless, they’re easy to find if you need a pair. An added bonus is that when they are worn, they look modern. I’ve seen people wearing overalls here and there, which indicates this trend is coming back. This past weekend, I spotted the overalls in shopping centers and the streets. What is neat is they they’re coming in different material, and are no longer limited to  just denim. Some overalls are striped or in color like orange or green. One  retail store after another is stocking up on colored overalls. It doesn’t surprise me that overalls are trending because they’re comfortable, fun, and versatile. You can plair them with a crop top, turtle neck, or plain t shirt. You can also  complement them with sneakers and a blazer to shake it up.  It’s going to be fun wearing overalls because their not your everyday piece.
“The joy of dressing is an art.” —John Galliano

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