Grace Bernal’s California Style: Comfort And Warmth

We’re between summer and winter and it’s time to revamp with sweaters. The sweater weather is all about being comfortable and. of course, warm. Sweaters match with anything –  jeans, skirts, over dresses and they’re easy to wear.  The sweater is a basic staple and its what makes it strong. This is the season for a great knit and they come in all forms. You can try a basic bold black knit with a pair of boots. There are fringes on sweaters that can augment your appearance, according to your taste or if you just want to make that kind of edgy statement. And, let’s not forget the cardigan, that is a multi-usage piece with denim, pencil skirts, tights, dresses and regular skirts. The chance to wear a sweater is here and ‘Oh, what fun!’ There are so many styles to wear that you won’t get tired of wearing different knits.

“A long sweater, good boots, and stretchy jeans are my fall fashion must-haves.” -Sofia Richie

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