As I Close My Eyes Arrowhead Peak Is What I Saw

By Robert Porter
As I close my eyes and dream about Arrowhead Peak
My brain gets excited, and my soul starts to seek.
As I open my mind, I appear at the great hills base .
Then I start up the mountain, a kind of flat slanted place
I see the heart clear as an Arrowhead, waiting for coyote to this day.
Ready to run up to Big Bear, near God’s Eye is where they say.
Then up the huge grizzly bear that’s been carved into the earth.
Wow, I see the jaguar in all is glory, the Creator before birth.
The great white eagle soars, with a dove feather to drop.
I just can’t believe it, the art on the dirt canvas just won’t stop.
Then I awake from my vision and my mind is left in pure blessed awe.
It’s real, it’s real, the Creation Song of Arrowhead Peak, is what I saw.

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