Grace Bernal’s California Style: American Football Fashion

The athletic look has been a California staple for a while, and it works for both guys and gals.   Football fans wait patiently  for the season to come, and fashion plays a role in the game, too. This isn’t just for the NFL. Were talking about Pop Warner across America, and High School teams, too. In California we love comfort, so the sports look comes easy. We throw on a pair of comfort shoes, jeans, and  favorite sport tops, or for the cooler days flat boots and legging. Let’s not forget the hat! It sounds easy, but it’s true what they say: It’s not what you wear but how you wear it. With the easiest part down,  the styling possibilities have no limit. But what if a team shirt isn’t your thing? You can be creative with an outfit that stays close to your team’s theme and depending on your taste, you can make it loud or neutral. For  a guy black denim, white shirt, and why not a vintage like bomber jacket? For the women out there,  accessories can include a choker, sparkly earring, and a scarf, if weather permits. Guys wear your favorite hat,  or try the big foam finger. As football season is about to begin, it’s always good to plan ahead for Friday Night Lights, or Sunday sports. Whatever you decide, have fun rooting for your favorite team.
“Keep doing what you have to do to help the team out.” -Rob Gronkowski

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