Grace Bernal’s California Style: Men’s Lace

Style 07 19Not all fashion trends are created equal. When it comes to men’s fashions it is officially official that the peacock is out of the cage and they are daring greatly. Men’s fashion is definitely ahead of its time, and you need look no further than what is on the streets to see what has been moving ahead. One item trending right now is the see through men’s shirts. They come in lace and mesh. I’d say it’s pretty daring, and for me, that means amazing. It’s quite the fashion statement, and pairs well with shorts, sandals, and loafers. Fashion is just that and it doesn’t really have rules. With that said, you’re free to explore and roam with different pieces and in this case men’s lace/see-through shirts are the fashion trend of the moment. Have fun with the see-through phenomenon. Until next week!.

“Remind yourself. Nobody built like you, you design yourself.” – Jay Z

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