Reports Of Illegal Alien Dumping Locally

Reports have reached the Sentinel that U.S. immigration authorities have recently begun to release illegal immigrants that were previously detained by federal authorities into Inland Empire communities and neighborhoods.

According to a source highly familiar with a number of immigrants who had made their way into California without proper documentation, scores of Mexican nationals who were picked up in the San Diego area after successfully crossing the U.S. Mexico border, were briefly held at a federal facility in San Diego. Those who gave their actual identities and were then checked upon through a database the Unitied States shares with the Mexican government and certified to have no criminal record, were placed upon a bus, which shuttled them to Murrietta in Riverside County as well as near Fontana and Colton in San Bernardino County, where they were released.

Information available to the Sentinel is that some of the Mexican nationals who were able to contact family members, acquaintances or associates by phone or other means were located by their contacts and picked up, generally by car or other means of transportation.

Last month there were reports that President Donald Trump had encouraged officials with the Customs and Naturalization Service to “change the attitude and perspective” of the White House’s assumed political enemies by releasing immigrants into “sanctuary cities.”

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