Meta Gala Defined

What is Met Gala? It is the annual art fundraiser at The Metropolitan Museum for the Arts Costume Institute. It’s art in the form of clothes. The museum opened in 1872 on 5th Avenue in New York. And the Met Gla didn’t begin until 1948. Since then this Gala is one of the most exclusive and the crème de la crème of social events worldwide. Believed to be the largest fundraiser in New York City, everybody wants to be a part of it. Let’s not forget the fun that goes into creating the costumes worn on the most famous. Millions of dollars will be raised once all is set and done. Although the affair is for the art of costume, it is a glamorous sight to behold and something to experience. Following the opening of the event, which is highly celebrity oriented, the exhibit will run for a few months after. The Met Gala is widely viewed and critiqued either by physical presence or via Television/Internet. The guest list is pretty exclusive to celebrities and the elite of society, all mixed together. Tickets cost over $20,000 – that’s right, four green pictures of James Madison or 200 green pictures of Benjamin Franklin. For that price you get to dress in themed costume and this includes a cocktail hour, and dinner, and let’s not forget the unforgettable view of the spectacle. One theme in the 70s was Fashion Plate and this years was all about Camp: Notes on fashion: What has been captured through each years is pure art on the body and it really is great. I don’t necessarily want to be a part of the costume but surely watching is a juicy detailed-image broadening experience. The pictures and the mingling that goes with it has to be like no other and the best view is from a distance. With that said, here are some of my favorite pieces I observed while viewing the event from an afar scope.

“I’d like to see some real punks in here, some real street punks. But I doubt they were invited.” – Grace Coddington, Keeping It Real.

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