Grace Bernal’s California Style: Men Unfolded

Just when you feel summer is coming, spring pulls you back in.  And you suddenly find yourself asking what to wear?! We don’t get much ice cold weather in Southern California, but this season we have had cold temperatures along with a lot of color. And the spring pallets are coming to life with a splash of color. With that said, I’m going to shift into the revolution of men’s  fashion which is still happening when it comes to what they wear while both at work and at play. Seems that the man or boy of  today doesn’t want to be trapped with the traditional. When I observe how they put a wardrobe piece together I have to admire them going for it all. They are wearing  fitted shaped shirts, coats and pants along with exaggerated seams. You can’t help but notice how they are rewriting the language of fashion. The male of today knows himself and is in tune with a new  fashion sense. Young men’s sneakers are like the women’s handbags and they are wearing  sneakers as innovative adornments. Admittedly, some sneakers are more decorative than others,  and they can look fabulous dressed up or dressed down. Can’t wait to see more of how men are wearing outfits. Men are unfolding themselves faster than the weather can shift.

“Know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.” -Epictetus

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