Grace Bernal’s California Style: Le Biker

Style 5 32Something is definitely happening with regard to evening wear and it’s the roar of the biker. It’s being adopted for evenings and being worn over dresses. The leather or biker jacket is worn with beautiful dresses and it looks elegantly cool. This is a definite reality of a new generation that isn’t into formal evening clothes all the way. The jacket looks marvelous and it plays up tough in a very feminine way.
These jackets are about letting loose and showing your rough jacket with your soft clothes. This captures the mood of a new generation creating its own language
of fashion. Summer is around the corner and its coming with new refreshed ideas. Don’t be afraid to mix your jacket around with an evening piece. Have fun wearing it wherever you go.
“I got my motorcycle jacket but I’m walking all the time.”
― The Clash

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