Grace Bernal’s California Style: Spring Chromatics

The star accessory for the beginning of spring is color. And with this rain it will continue to hold center stage all over the place. It’s no surprise this spring that colorful bags and accessories and clothes are popping up in various colors. Some pieces seemed to have their own vibrant color offshoots.

Springtime in California is definitely here, and what a sight! Color is completely breathtaking, with nature of this intensity brought on by the rain something we hardly see in California. The flowers are ready for a picture, and clothes are reflecting that. Blue, purple, and pale pink are part of the spring color group. Anything goes, from dresses to scarves and let’s not forget bold greens. That is what’s in. It’s like tulips are coming to town, and in the middle of it all you see skirts looking like a floral painting. And with no particular trend in mind you have handbags, hats, t-shirts all in vibrant color. Something about wearing bright this season, that’s whats in. Spring is about a wonderful fashion and the joy of color. Enjoy!

“When in doubt, wear red.” —Bill Blass

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