Grace Bernal’s California Style: Color

Black is gloomy, but combined with color it adds joy. It is a great feeling when spring comes in because everything begins looking artful. You get the white shirts and colorful shawls combined with black and it all just comes together.   Southern California is coming to life with the natural blooming colors of nature combined with vibrant outfits. When I set foot on the streets, I’m seeing colorful paintings coming to life. In addition, I see embroidered jackets, yellow dresses,  and scarves taking over spring. It is as if the  variegated manifestations of nature have stirred up our competitive nature and we are in a race with our environment to see who can put on the most sensational display. Things haven’t been this colorful in a long time. We have to enjoy the season because we haven’t seen the color of nature in a while. However, there’s always the color of fashion and for that I thank all the fun fashionistas out there. Enjoy the color!

“Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” -Marc Jacobs

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