Grace Bernal’s California Style: Suitable Teen

Boys’, teenagers’, and young men’s clothing isn’t much different from that of a grown man. For example, on special occasions like a wedding, or high school prom, a suit is usually worn. If there is one standby that teens take to more than just about anything else, it is color and patterns. The younger generation likes color and patterns like checks, stripes, plaids.Style 02 15 And, when it comes to solid suit pieces, blues, grays, and black tend to make the list, too. Suits come in tuxedo style, mod style, and traditional. For the tailored tuxedo, you can’t go wrong with a Brooks Brothers suit. After all, Brooks Brothers has been suiting presidents of United States of America since Abraham Lincoln. We also have our very famous Jack Taylor, the showman of suits. His custom shop existed in Beverly Hills. Jack knew the ins and outs of the men who visited him from Dean Martin to the modern hipsters. Taylor knew how to suit them. Besides colors and materials, the other change with teens suits throughout the years have been the pants. Lately the fashionable thing with teens is the skinny pants suit, with the pants having a hint of a bare ankle. It’s always fun looking at young people dressing, especially when they’re doing it for a special occasion. Something about a well-dressed boy is always eye catching.

“With Jack’s suits, you don’t wear the suit, the suit wears you.’’ Dennis Farina

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