Grace Bernal’s California Style: Inspired Leather

Leather pants are back and ready to serve your wardrobe. Personally, I find leather intimidating and I prefer to keep it classic when putting a leather outfit together. I think pumps and a longline coat are a suitable complement for my body style when slipping into hide. But, there are s different ways to wear leather. You can go edgy, sporty, or somewhere in between. With inspiration you can find the perfect leather pant outfit. So what can you pair your leather pants with? Sneakers, and pumps for starters. You can also try a sweater or denim jacket but stay away from leather on leather. Try pairing leather pants with heeled ankle boots this will also elongate your legs. We all know leather pants take some getting used to. Finding the right leather pants will definitely bring adventure to your wardrobe. Enjoy this week’s leather inspiration and go out and find the perfect leather pants and get creative.

“There is definitely something sexy about a girl with an attitude and a pair of leather pants.” -Eliza Dushku

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