Grace Bernal’s California Style: Waterproof

Rainy days are here in many parts of Southern California, but don’t let it stop you from your morning dressing routine. Some of the best outfits are put together on a rainy day. Try sneakers, booties, and rubber wellies; with trench coats, and umbrellas. The rain doesn’t have to stop you from looking your best, no matter where you’re headed! A classic trench with loafers makes for a great look on a rainy day. For the sexy one high boots, a little black dress, and a coat will work together. A pair of tights under a skirt with booties will definitely dress up your day. Pair your rain boots with a military cargo jacket and go casual. Don’t forget, if you have them, a colorful pair of sneakers to brighten up the rainy day. Have fun staying dry as the wild weather contuse this season.

Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them.” Marc Jacobs

Kissed Mouth, 1881 - Dante Gabriel Rossetti

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