Flood Control Division Buys Land To Improve Sand Creek/Warm Creek Channel

The board of supervisors this week authorized the expenditure of just under $11,000 to enable the undertaking of the Sand Creek/Warm Creek Confluence Channel Project near the San Bernardino/Highland boundary.
The proposed project site is situated between the Sand Creek/Warm Creek Flood Control Channel and the Pacific Palms Mobile Home Park.
The county flood control district is planning improvements at the spot where the Sand Creek Flood Control System and the Upper Warm Creek Flood Control System come together. The two creeks are man-made drainage channels that are extensions of natural creeks modified to accommodate and divert water flow from surrounding developments. Sand Creek flows from the north and combines with Warm Creek flowing from the east, and the combined channel of Warm Creek continues flowing to the west from the confluence point.
The district proposes the construction of approximately 2,675 linear feet of flood control improvements at the confluence of Sand Creek and Warm Creek. The project consists of the construction of rock riprap improvements to the bottom and to the slopes of the existing channel to provide for bank stabilization to prevent erosion and reduce the velocity of flows. In general, the project is surrounded by residential properties including the Pacific Palms Mobile Home Park, apartments, and single family residences.
The project is slated to be constructed in two phases. The first phase of the project will involve improvements within the flood channels and widening of the channels. After the first phase of the project, it is anticipated that the access road along Warm Creek will be too narrow to accommodate vehicles and will require widening. Thus, the second phase of the project will involve reconstructing and widening the Warm Creek access road to allow flood control district vehicles to safely use the road.
The project will utilize a portion of the property at 2727 E. Pacific Street in San Bernardino, which is currently operated as Pacific Palms Mobile Home Park. The required acquisition area identified for the necessary improvements is 1,381 square feet (0.03 acres) and is located along the rear boundary of the larger parcel, primarily in the southeast portion, and approximately 60 feet away from the nearest manufactured home. The acquired land will provide the necessary amount of space needed for the channel access road.
The county flood control district asked the county’s real estate services division to appraise and acquire the parcel associated with the necessary right-of-way. The parcel was owned by the Pacific Palms Mobilehome Park Corporation, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation, which agreed to the sale of the property for $8,600. The county agreed to cover the estimated escrow and title fees of $2,000 to effectuate the property transfer.

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