Grace Bernal’s California Style: Coating

It’s time to get lyered and add not only some insulation to your attire but some depth. Two or three layers should do the trick with the current weather we are expericncing. Get to coating because there are many ways to wear them. With so many options you will have to decide on which type of coat to wear first. Try adding a thick coat over a thinner one in a different color. You can also try a coat with animal prints, which is trending this season. Cardigans are also making their way into play and are coming in bright colors and look great belted. A chocolate leather coat looks great with a pair of trousers. There are also throws looking like blanket covers, which can add a new look to your outfit. These wraps are bigger, look great broached and belted and really add drama to any outfit. Jackets with a shimmering foiled look are coming back, straight from the 80s and bolting across our visual plane in a way that is pretty electric. This season coating is going to be a lot of fun. So, have fun picking the right piece for you.

“I love scarves and hats and coats. I love it.” -Shura

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