Grace Bernal’s California Style: Leather

Style 10 19Leather is a hot cover up piece, and if it isn’t in your closet already, get ready for a takeover. Hints of leather have always popped up, but in the coming months expect to see more of it. Leather comes in many separate ways and it’s super stylish. You can choose from many optional pieces and ways to wear it, too. You can approach leather from head to toe down to just a hint of leather. My personal favorite is the outdoorsy leather pieces. There is something heroic about a leather bomber jacket, or plain leather pants. If you want to take the leather look up a notch you can try a leather trench coat. But if you’re a minimalist and prefer a lighter piece, there are many other options to choose from. Leather doesn’t necessarily need to be black. It can be worn in bold colors or soft neutrals. Furthermore, you can wear a leather top, dress, skirt, and let’s not forget leather accessories. Leather options are endless this season. Stay warm and look great.

People don’t need to feel scared about a leather pant. Think of it as a jean alternative: it’s the same thing. It’s almost like they’re your yoga pants, but they look chic.” -Meghan Markle

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