Grace Bernal’s California Style: School Time

Style 08 17As summer comes to its final days, everyone’s wondering about what to wear back-to-school. If you’re a teenager, I’m sure you’re into being ahead in school and finding the perfect outfits to make a first impression. With all the online shopping, chain and department stores, you already have a head start in style. Looking for new pieces is always a great way to get inspired for school. There are so many neat things to wear in the beginning, but having some fall pieces in hand is always savvy. Back to school shopping for school clothes is always an exciting time of the year. With that said, start planning your outfits with some of the hottest pieces: a pair of classic jeans, patchwork denim, bold stripes. Add layered neons, a pair of bohemian overalls (short or long), sporty skirts, and don’t forget something plaid. Get first-day-of-school inspired and be back to school in best dressed mode.

“Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.” -Oscar de la Renta

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