Grace Bernal’s California Style: Lined

Style 08 10 pngThe heat is on in California and it isn’t going away anytime soon. Well, maybe in October!  We’re in the heat of summer and the alternative to  black is all about the graphic stripes. It  looks lined up when everyone’s walking. Graphics are great and a thing of the future. Lines are reminiscent of art and how lines and shapes make many various designs. The popular pieces are long striped dresses. They make a stunning statement. Stripes are always eye catching and they are classic too. Some stripes go in different directions and it looks even more futuristic this way.  The horizontals are okay if you’re small, but it’s not a good idea to get into a horizontal if you’re a size ten or over. But if you’re over a size ten and are  going to stripe a pose, choose the vertical stripes.Style 08 10 Verticals accentuate the curvier figures in a beautiful way. A solid top always helps cut the line. Stripes are at their peak and this is summer for now.

 “I am a little obsessed with stripes.” -Emilia Wickstead


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