Retired Fire Marshal Brierty Again Involved With County

Former San Bernardino County Fire Marshal Peter Brierty, who retired after more than 30 years with the county in 2013, is again involved in county government.
On August 7, at the recommendation of San Bernardino County Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Robert Lovingood, Brierty was named to the to the county’s Fire Hazards and Hazardous Trees Appeals Board, whereupon he was made chairman of the committee.
In addition to being the county fire marshal, Brierty was the county fire department’s assistant chief and the head of its hazardous materials division. Brierty was part of the Mountain Area Safety Taskforce which cast about for managing the bark beetle infestation in the San Bernardino National Forest. He was one of those who formulated the County Fire Safety Overlay, which stipulated strict building standards for residential construction in high fire hazard zones.
Brierty also taught, in the role of an adjunct professor for a quarter century at  the University of California, Riverside Extension, lecturing on the topics of environmental law and regulation compliance.

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