Fontana Council Vote Bans Smoking In All Parks And Municipal Facilities

In response to the prompting of a local youth group known as Smokebusters, the Fontana City Council on August 14 unanimously approved an ordinance prohibiting smoking in all City of Fontana parks.
Under the ordinance, which amends elements of Article III of Chapter 13 of the Fontana Municipal Code, any type of smoking, including that of tobacco, marijuana, cannabis in rolled, cigarette, cigar or pipe form and the use of electronic cigarettes, is banned in all city-owned parks and facilities.
The city will undertake to announce the ban through signage.
Smokebusters was assisted in its effort by the American Lung Association. According to the American Lung Association, more than 480,000 people die from tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke annually. Smoking-related deaths are entirely preventable, according to the association.
Statistically, roughly 17,000 teenagers in California pick up the smoking habit annually. One third of them will die prematurely because of the use of tobacco.
The ban goes into effect in October. Public smoking will thereafter be considered an infraction in Fontana. Citations for smoking will be issued for violations, which will be punishable by fines.
The American Lung Association issued a statement of appreciation to the Fontana City Council for adopting the smoke-free parks policy and the city’s effort to protect children from the ravages of smoking.
According to available data, 15.8 percent of Fontana residents smoke, a significantly higher use of tobacco than the 12.8 percent rate among California residents generally Between 2005 and 2016, smoking among adults in the U.S. declined from 20.9 percent to 15.5 percent. .

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