Grace Bernal’s California Style: Printing

Style 06 01Summer is around the corner and prints are where it’s at. Look ahead! As the temperatures begin to rise, prints are blending in with the heat. They always make for an interesting sight. Right now, I’m getting glimpses of prints that look like blocks and come in pastel colors. Other prints are contemporary ones with changing colors from red to yellow. These colors are definitely echoing the streets of summer. Then we have the beautiful floral prints which remind us of Monet canvasses and floral gardens. Summer prints are perfect for the heated weather because they bring in the new and modern echoes to the California season. Style 06 01 aAlso prints come in dresses, skirts, and handbags. Bear in mind that prints can highlight your figure. Take advantage of color to accentuate your curves. All of them add different angles and tastes to your wardrobe and they hold the promise of taking you in a new direction sartorially. Have fun embracing your favorite prints!

“Colors and prints are part of my style. -Solange Knowles

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