Four Vying For Two Loma Linda City Council Positions

Four years ago, incumbent Loma Linda councilmen Phillip Dupper and Ron Dailey were the only candidates on the ballot. This year, Dupper and Dailey are being opposed by Gabriel Uribe and David Sanner.
Phillip Dupper is a lieutenant with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.
Dupper said that if he is retained in office, his intent is to “protect our residents, businesses and institutions through strong public safety, protect our open space and parks while encouraging responsible growth and maintaining financial stability while providing efficient city services.”
He is a city representative on the Inland Valley Development Authority and the San Bernardino International Airport Authority as well as the San Bernardino Valley Water District Advisory Commission.
Gabriel Uribe is a public health manager by profession, whose goals if elected to office, he says, would be to improve city services for all residents, particularly those that promote public safety, engage seniors and prepare youth for a lifetime commitment of service, and to promote and foster growth by having Loma Linda become a responsible business friendly community, and improving its green and recreation spaces.
Uribe is employed as an independent living and diversity services manager with the Inland Empire Health Plan. Previously, he was the deputy director of development with Best Buddies International. He is currently the president of the Inland Empire Disabilities Collaborative and was formerly the operations manager with Partnerships to Uplift Communities.
He owns a rental property worth over $100,000.
Ron Dailey, a retired administrator at Loma Linda University and the executive associate dean at the University of Loma Linda’s School of Dentistry, has been in office for approaching eight years. Dailey is resting on his laurels and is not running a very spirited campaign. He initially ran in 2010, he said at that time, because another university employee, statistics professor Floyd Petersen who had been a long time council member and mayor, had elected to leave the council.
A 42-year resident of Loma Linda, Dailey previously campaigned on a commitment to “to boost the business community and promote business development” as well as dealing with traffic circulation problems. Indeed, it is just how well that problem has been managed for the last eight years that may constitute the basis by which Loma Linda residents will decide whether they will vote for Dailey this year or not.
While in office, Dailey has been a voting member on two regional transportation boards, the San Bernardino Association of Governments, which was formerly the county’s transportation agency and, the Omnitrans board, which oversees the regional bus system.
The 68-year-old Dailey was born in Walla Walla, Washington. He attended high school at the Far Eastern Academy in Singapore and graduated from the Glendale Academy. He is a graduate of La Sierra University and holds a PhD from the University of Southern California. He and his wife, a physician, have two children.
David Sanner, an anesthesiologist and attending physician at Loma Linda University Medical Center and a developer with Malloc Labs, is something of a man of mystery who has pretty much run a stealth campaign, not providing much information about himself, nor a means of contacting him. He has a doctor of medicine degree from the Loma Linda University School of Medicine awarded in 2012 and a bachelor of science degree in chemistry and biochemistry from Southern Adventist University. He holds stock in General Electric.
Since Loma Linda’s incorporation as a municipality in 1970, there has never been an elected member of the city council who was not a Seventh-day Adventist.
Mark Gutglueck

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