Grace Bernal’s California Style: Yellow

Style 05 18It’s like a van Gogh painting with the yellow clothes on the streets. It’s a bright day every day in Southern California as we get into the everything spring. The yellow in clothes looks great, with a wide variance in shades. The creative hats look great in yellow, too. Yellow brings in the sunshine after a cloudy day and a lot of fun to clothing. Everywhere you look you can see art when it comes to how yellow makes its way into attire. You can wear yellow to work and it’s refreshing. The color sunflower is marvelous and complements tan really well. The yellow prints are nifty while shopping out on a weekend. You can wear a pair of cutoff jeans with a yellow top, and if you’re cycling you can decorate your bike frame yellow. This is definitely a painter’s moment in fashion. So let the sun in and enjoy the yellow!

“There is no blue without yellow and without orange.” -Vincent Van Gogh

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