Grace Bernal’s California Style: Peeping

Style 04 13We all know dressing up is coordinated to weather, and right now is all about peeping. You see color popping up everywhere and the days are looking sunnier ahead. With that said, this week the attention is to the foot. Yes, the peep toe shoe couldn’t be more appropriate for the changing weather, which is going to be a major player with regard to fun and daily fashion. You can bet the peeping shoe is going to replace the ballet flat, if even just for a minute. They come in daytime comfort styles and, yes, if you’re going out, some of the heels have some creative looks, too. The peep toe foot piece is a neat trend. Therefore, be sure not to pass it up. My personal favorite are the peep toe mules. They are available in flat, block heel, and high heel mules. The peep toe shoe has definitely been updated, and there are many creative styles to choose from out there. Peeping the toe is definitely a statement to the feet and can look fabulous with your current spring and coming summer wardrobe. Get ready to show off your latest pedicure too while peeping.

“The secret of toe cleavage, a very important part of the sexuality of the shoe, is you must only show the first two cracks.”
-Manolo Blahnik

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