Grace Bernal’s California Style: Skirting

Style 03 09Just when you thought it had vanished from fashion because of pants, the skirt makes its way back. And, we have a new generation that is giving the skirt a whole new look. It’s neat to see the unexpected piece pop up on the streets. It can be pretty nostalgic, too. The piece is all about emphasis, which explains why it is the street hit it has become. While the beautiful snow finally hit the mountains of Southern California, the creations of rich lace and tulle skirts are looking pretty amazing this month of March. The skirt has a way of turning heads and during the middle of month that comes in like a lion, we wait to welcome spring. The skirt is perfect for the season. The lengths of the skirt can vary based on personal choice and you can do a minimal denim skirt, pencil tight skirt, to a drapery colored skirt. The skirt theme is not about being antiquated but about bloom and this is the perfect refreshment of fashion. With that said, get to skirting and have fun as spring is just about to begin.

I know what I’m doing even when I’m wearing a pencil skirt.” -Shakira

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